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Rossetto Diamond Rectangular Dining Table Set

Manufacturer brand item Part number: R700AD2000028-5PcDiningSet-PKG. Dining Sets. Diamond Rectangular Dining Table with Glass Top in Black Expressing a Desire to stand out the Diamond table expresses a daring elegance, tinged with glamour. Refined with valuable details inlays and components in genuine Strass Swarovski Crystal, glass top, and high glossy lacquer a synthetic organic finishing material that dries by evaporation. We are an associate publisher, please contact the seller's customer service for payment options, ordering information and guarantee offered. furniture should be transparent, dry hard, resist heat and moisture, it should be tough plenty to withstand wear over a long period of time, a transparent coating that is polished to a high sheen and has a long lasting, hard surface finish. Warranty 1 Year manufacture defect Black Glass top for tabl.

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Prisma Dining Table Chairs > Click here for Rossetto Dining Sets The luminosity and the elegance of the gloss white lacquer finish, highlights the absolute cleanness of the arrangement line. Features: Set include: Table and 4 Chairs Prisma Table: 35 x 72 86 106 x 30 Frame Matt White Chair:
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